Our Quality and Food Safety Policy

 We are committed towards customers and consumers to:

  • Deliver safe and quality product, at market place.
  • Strive for continual improvement of the QMS and FSMS system through timely communication in entire food chain, implementation and follow up.
  • Meet THE COCA-COLA COMPANY.s specification, regulatory and statutory requirements
  • Our Environment & Safety Policy

     Amrit Bottlers Pvt. Ltd Faizabad is committed to developing and applying effective Environment Occupational health & safety (EOH&S) systems, standards and practices appropriate to risks associated with our business activities. We seek a steady improvement in meeting our EOHS standards and work to minimize any possible negative impact on the local and global environment, while fulfilling consumer and customer expectations of the quality and safety of our products and ensuring safe working conditions.

     To reach these targets, we will proactively:

  • Contribute to sustainable development through the establishment and implementation of environment standards that are scientifically tested and meet the requirement of relevant laws, regulations, codes of practice and TCCC standards on EOHS, also work for prevention of pollution.
  • Take account of environment, occupational health and safety in planning and decision-making.
  • Provide appropriate training and disseminate information to enable all employees to accept individual responsibility for environment, health and safety, implement best practices, and work in partnership to create a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Instill a sense of duty in every employee towards personal safety, as well as, that of others who may be affected by the employee’s actions.
  • Committed to prevent injury & ill health and continual improvement in EOHS management & EOHS performance.
  • Committed to comply with applicable legal requirements & with other requirements to which the organization subscribes that relate to its EOHS hazards.
  • Provide and maintain facilities, equipment, operations and working conditions which are safe for employees, visitors and contractors at the Company’s premises.
  • Ensure safe handling, storage, use and disposal of all substances and materials that are classified as hazardous to health and environment.
  • Managing fleet operation in a manner to minimize environmental impact and accident by ensuring good maintenance impressing & Tracking fuel efficiency managing wastes and by following the fleet safety guidelines.
  • Reduce waste, conserve energy, and promote recycling of materials wherever possible.
  • Institute and implement a system of regular EOHS audit in order to assure compliance with laid down policy, benchmarked standards, and requirements of laws, regulations and applicable codes of practice.
  • Proactively share information with business partners towards inculcating world-class EOHS standards across the value chain of which Amrit Bottlers Pvt. Ltd. is a part.
  • All employees of Amrit Bottlers Pvt. Ltd. are expected to adhere to and comply with the EOHS Policy.

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